Should You Hang Anything Above The Crib

As a new parent, you want to do everything right. You read all the parenting books and spend hours perfecting the nursery. But when it comes to hanging things above the crib, you might be second-guessing yourself.

So, should you hang anything above the crib? The answer is maybe. While there are no definitive rules about what can or can’t go above a baby’s crib, there are a few things to consider before making your decision.

First, think about what purpose the item will serve. Is it purely decorative, or does it serve a function? If it’s decorative, is it something that can be moved lower once your baby starts sitting up and grabbing at things?

Second, consider the materials used in the item. Are they safe for babies? Will they pose a choking hazard if they come loose?

Finally, think about how easy it will be to keep the item clean. Babies are messy, and anything hanging above their crib is likely to get dirty quickly. If you decide to hang something above the crib, make sure it’s something that can be easily wiped down or machine-washed.

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There’s no right or wrong answer to this question – ultimately, it’s up to you and what you feel comfortable with. Some parents choose to hang a mobile or other decorations above the crib, while others prefer not to. If you do decide to hang something above the crib, just be sure that it is securely attached and that there are no loose pieces that could fall and injure your baby.

Safe Things to Hang above Crib

When it comes to decorating a nursery, one of the most important things to keep in mind is safety. This is especially true when it comes to hanging items above the crib. While there are many cute and creative ideas out there, not all of them are safe for your little one.

So, what can you hang above a crib without worrying about safety? Here are a few ideas: -A mobile: This is a classic nursery decoration and there are plenty of safe options available.

Just make sure that the mobile is securely attached to the ceiling and that any loose strings are out of reach of your baby. -A mirror: A mirror can add some visual interest to the nursery and can also be used for tummy time or checking outfits. Again, just make sure it’s securely mounted on the wall so that it doesn’t fall and shatter.

-Artwork: There are lots of great options for artwork that can be hung safely above a crib. You can go with traditional framed prints or opt for something more unique like canvas art or even decals. Just make sure whatever you choose is firmly affixed to the wall so that it doesn’t become a hazard if it falls.

These are just a few safe things that you can hang above your baby’s crib. With a little bit of planning, you can create a beautiful and safe space for your new arrival!

Should You Hang Anything Above The Crib


What Should You Not Hang Over a Crib?

As a parent, you want to do everything you can to keep your baby safe. That includes making sure the nursery is set up properly and free of any potential hazards. One thing you might not have considered is what you hang over the crib.

Here are some items that you should avoid hanging over a crib: 1. Mobiles – Baby mobiles are cute and can help soothe your little one, but they can also be dangerous. The cords from the mobile can wrap around your baby’s neck and cause strangulation.

If you want to use a mobile in the nursery, make sure it’s placed well out of reach of the crib. 2. Pictures – It might seem like a nice idea to hang pictures of family or friends above your baby’s crib, but it’s actually not very safe. If the frame falls off the wall, it could land on your baby’s head and cause serious injury.

Stick with wall decals or other artwork that can’t fall down. 3. Curtains – Long curtains hanging over a crib can present a strangulation hazard for your baby if they manage to pull them down into the crib with them. Opt for blinds or shorter curtains that are out of reach of curious little hands.

4 .Lamps – Table lamps or floor lamps near a crib create a fire hazard if they tipped over onto the bedding . Plus, cords from lamps can also be wrapped around a baby’s neck if they’re left within reach .

Move any lamps away from the crib to reduce the risk of injury . 5 Toys with Strings- Toys such as plush animals or dolls with long strings attached should not be hung over a crib because they pose a strangulation hazard . Keep all toys away from the edge of the crib so your baby can’t grab them and pull them into the bed with them .

What Do You Hang Over a Baby’S Crib?

There are a few things you can hang over a baby’s crib, but make sure they are safe and will not pose a hazard to your child. You can purchase wall decorations specifically designed for cribs, or you can DIY something special. Just be sure whatever you choose is securely fastened so it cannot fall on or near your baby.

Some ideas for what to hang over a baby’s crib include: -Wall decals -String lights

-Mobile -Fabric bunting or garland -Paper lanterns

Whatever you decide to hang over the crib, make sure it is safe and won’t pose a risk to your little one. Have fun decorating and enjoy this special time with your new arrival!

How High Should Pictures Be Hung above a Crib?

When it comes to deciding how high to hang pictures above a crib, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, you’ll want to make sure that the pictures are hung at a height that is safe for your baby. Second, you’ll want to consider the aesthetic of the room and how the pictures will look in relation to the other furnishings.

And third, you’ll want to take into account any possible needs for future adjustability (for example, if you plan on moving the crib later on down the line). With all of that said, as a general rule of thumb, it’s best to hang pictures about six inches above the crib. This will ensure that they’re out of your baby’s reach and also create a nice visual effect in the room.

Of course, you may need to adjust this depending on the specific size and style of your crib and pictures – so use your best judgement!

Should You Hang Mobile Over Crib?

As a parent, you want to do everything you can to ensure your baby’s safety. But when it comes to crib mobiles, there is some debate about whether or not they are safe. So, should you hang a mobile over your baby’s crib?

The short answer is no. There is no evidence that mobiles are beneficial for babies, and in fact, they could be dangerous. Mobiles can cause visual stimulation that can be overwhelming for young infants.

They can also pose a choking hazard if your baby happens to pull on the mobile and it falls into the crib. If you want to decorate your baby’s nursery with a mobile, opt for one that hangs out of reach of the crib so there is no risk of your child pulling it down. And always supervise your child when they are around any type of mobile, just to be safe.


If you’re wondering if it’s safe to hang anything above your baby’s crib, the answer is maybe. It depends on what you’re hanging and how you’re hanging it. If you’re thinking about hanging a mobile or other decoration, make sure it is securely attached and out of your baby’s reach.

It’s also important to avoid any loose cords or strings that could become wrapped around your baby’s neck.

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